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1, chemin du Moulin Basset
93205 Saint-Denis

The Women's Home

A center located in Saint-Denis, France, which welcomes all women who are vulnerable to or victims of violence.

Missions & Actions

Confronted with these disturbing figures, we wanted to create a concrete and pragmatic response. Inaugurated in June 2016, located at the entrance of the Centre Hospitalier Delafontaine, The Women's Home (La Maison des Femmes) welcomes all women who are vulnerable to or victims of violence. With direct and open access from the street, it remains a confidential and secure environment.

From contraception to abortion, to FGM care, to rape or other forms of physicial and mental abuse — within the family context or another — our teams offer the latest and most appropriate care. A wide network of partners and various associations allow us to guide the patients according to their needs while caring for their journey.

The team

Midwife coordinator: Mathilde Delespine

Head physician: Dr. Ghada Hatem

Family Planning Unit

Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) Unit

Abuse Unit

Every day professionals are available for consultations without appointments:

Support group: Inna MODJA, artist

Consultations for victims of abuse: Mathilde DELESPINE, midwife

Consultations for women victims of incest and sexual assaults: Estelle KRAMER, midwife

Pediatric consultations: Dr. Nuha SEMAAN

General information

If you need to consult about:

Consultations are held Mondays through Fridays between 9:00am and 5:00pm.

Click here to download the flyer that summarizes the services offered and practical information (French version only).

Family planning and abortion

The Center for Family Planning consists of a group of doctors, marriage counselors, nurses, assistant nurses, and social workers. Its mission is to address contraception issues, sexually transmitted infections, and abortions. It offers choices for different methods: surgical (general or local anesthesia) or through drugs. We also monitor contraception and screen for sexually transmitted infections.

Treatment Unit for women victims of domestic violence (including forced marriage)

This unit is composed of a specialized midwife, psychiatrist, social worker and medical examiner. It allows for general support that relies on the pace and opportunities of the woman to improve her situation. These professionals are present at different stages of the woman’s path out of abuse and towards healing. This work is supported by the legal jurisdiction of the CIDFF, provided by lawyers specialized for women victims. The unit also works closely with the association SOS Femmes 93, which welcomes women who have been victims of domestic violence.

Treatment Unit for women who have undergone FGM

Our unit treats women who have experienced FGM and has received the label “Centre Fleur du Désert.” As such, we are supported by the ‘Fondation Fleur du Désert and we work in collaboration with other European centers (Berlin, Amsterdam, Stockholm).

This unit is comprised of a psychologist, a sexologist, midwives, and surgeons trained directly by Doctor Pierre Foldès.

The treatment process explores the whole set of issues and proposes a clitoral reconstruction.

Our center has received support from the UNESCO Chair of ‘Sexual Health and Human Rights’ and from the GAMS.

Treatment Unit for women who are victims of rape and sexual assault

This unit is comprised of a specialized doctor, midwife, psychologist, social worker and medical examiner. It allows for general support that relies on the pace and opportunities of the woman to improve her situation. These professionals are present at different stages of the woman’s path out of abuse and towards healing. This unit works with ‘Collectif Féministe contre le viol’ which, for the last 40 years, supports women that have become victims of rape and sexual abuse.

Treatment Unit for women who are victims of incest

This unit is comprised of a specialized midwife and psychologist, a social worker and a medical examiner. It allows for general support that relies on the pace and opportunities of the woman to improve her situation. These professionals are present at different stages of the woman’s path out of abuse and towards healing.

Counselling for pregnant women

The team at la Maison des Femmes works closely with pregnant women thus making the pregnancy period fully compatible with our offer to counselling.

Access by public transportation

Line T1 — stop at Hôpital Delafontaine

Line  153  or  253  — stop at Marville

Line 7 — stop at La Courneuve then tramway T1 to stop at Hôpital Delafontaine.
Line 13 — stop at Basilique Saint-Denis then bus  153  or  253  to stop at Marville.

Line D — stop at Saint-Denis then tramway T1 to stop at Hôpital Delafontaine.

By car

From the A1 highway, take Exit #3 (Pierrefitte, Beauvais).
Visitor parking is located at rue du Docteur Delafontaine.


La Maison des femmes
1, chemin du Moulin Basset
93200 Saint-Denis


+33 1 42 35 61 28


For any inquiry regarding our activities or if you wish to engage or partner with la Maison des Femmes, or if you are with the media, please write to contact@lamaisondesfemmes.fr.

If you are a victim of violence or have undergone FGM, and have questions about the services that we offer, please contact secretariat.mdf@ch-stdenis.fr.

Aware of the difficulties faced by women at different points in their lives, the medical and nursing team for maternity at the CHU Saint-Denis has created a place of welcome and guidance for all women victims of violence, of any kind whatsoever.


Situations of distress are particularly frequent in the region of Seine Saint-Denis because of the extreme insecurity that affects migrant women, women with complicated administrative status, and women who have lost social and familial ties. Our Center for family planning, which is at the front line for welcoming patients, is not able to address specific issues around sexual violence and mutilation.. For the past two years, it has recorded an increase in the number of abortions by 21% and consultations by 50%. Additionally, there are 20-30 visits per day seeking various opinions and advice—a figure constantly on the rise. It became clear that a major project was crucial to develop.

A national priority

Our project is part of a national initiative, in perfect accordance with the commitments made by the Ministry of Women’s Rights, which ‘has made the fight against all violence targeting women a priority. This violence is part of a larger continuum that is deeply rooted in gender stereotypes and extends to sexual crimes and marital murders. In the face of violence, we are implementing a comprehensive response based on principles established at the interdepartmental committee on women’s rights of November 30, 2012. It has been implemented at the institutional level since 2012, both through law and text as well as concrete achievements.’

Project "The Women's Home"

The Women's Home is an individual structure that is ‘open to the street’ as much as it is open to the hospital allowing direct and discreet access. The geographic proximity and the technical links to the specialized care offered by the hospital are essential elements of the quality and relevance of this project. It is a unique place, serving as a link between the city and the hospital. It promotes synergies with existing structures, both clinical services and connections within the sector.

The care team worked with an architectural firm to develop an emblematic project, symbolizing the concept of a welcoming home, respectful of the well-being of the women and of the serenity of the caregivers. The plans that address all the needs are as follows: consulting and interview offices, welcome rooms, secretariat, meeting rooms for the support groups and a room dedicated to medical abortion. This project was co-financed by town halls in the region, le Conseil Régional, le Conseil Départemental, the deputy as well as various private donors (Kering, Elle, Raja, l’Oréal, Terres Plurielles, Vente-Privée, Pieces Jaunes, Ponticelli, Air France, Aéroport de Paris, Roche).

Structure of the center

The Women's Home is comprised of two branches — a ‘Family Planning’ branch and a ‘Care for vulnerable women’ branch. Most professionals working in this organization are at post and are financed by the hospital.

These two branches allow us to address all missions traditionally attributed to family planning:

Various specific consultations are available and planned: domestic violence, mutilation, rape, and incest… and will allow the integration of women into pathways of medical psycho-social care.

The presence of associations involved at the city level is under way, and the midwife coordinator already at post is the guarantor of coordination.


Inauguration of the Women's Home

‘La Maison’ opened its doors on July 11, 2016, and its financing is almost complete.

Our mid-term objective is to sustain the functioning of the organization by financing the professionals who are essential to the team and carry out all of our missions: psychologist, sexologist, social worker, dietician, midwife, etc. We also wish to support the work of the team through analysis of practices and support.

Our long-term goal is to ensure a concrete evaluation of the organization’s effectiveness in order to demonstrate its effectiveness and to guarantee its sustainability, to offer training to professionals throughout France, and to advocate among politicians.

G. Hatem et M. Delespine - July 2016


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